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Ben Lovejoy - is grateful to whoever coined the term 'portfolio career' as it sounds so much better than 'bloke with short attention-span'. He has been a technology journalist, technical author, qualitative researcher and photographer. A common theme, however, is story-telling, whether through words or images. It is not by chance that he chose Beautifully Told as the name for his wedding photography.'Dated' is a witty, perceptive, sometimes cynical but always optimistic tale of love, lust and the male perspective on dating & relationships.

Stephen Adams is 36 and newly-divorced. Returning to the dating scene after a 12-year marriage, he wonders how the rules have changed? How does a man ready for a new capital-R relationship navigate the maze of 21st Century dating? With match-making friends, speed-dating, Internet dating and chance encounters thrown into the mix, Stephen finds that the search for love can be more complicated and confusing than he had ever imagined

ben lovejoy

Jane Ridley - is preparing for her P.G.C.E. course, to teach Creative Writing in Oxford. She is currently finishing her Masters in 'The Teaching and Practice of Creative Writing at Cardiff University, whilst working on her debut novel.

Dear Jane, Love Jane. A fictionalised autobiography of an eventful life 'so far'. Jane is the great, great, great, great neice of Jane Austen, and the novel is framed around a set of letters to Jane Austen from the Author.

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Michael Muttiah  - is 25 years old currently working on his first novel. He has been writing for just 9 months and is the founder of an online publisheing house Mr Phantom Publishing. He has just recently self published his First collection of poetry.

Michael is more than welcome to attend future events as a visitor now that he has become self published and no longer an Unpublished writer.

'Animus'  his First novel . A prison truck carrying a vital witness in a drug barons case explodes on route to the Old Bailey. Interpol officer Matthew O'Connor is in the convoy, and races the find and intercept the assassin before she can escape. He knows who she is, but why?

michael m