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Better Networking


  • Be open minded
  • Avoid the hard sell at all times

      • Give other attendees breathing space

          • Don't over sell yourself
          • Collaboration is an opportunity not compulsory
          • Offer your business card if it is asked for
          • Don't hassel key speakers or attendees 
          • Don't just attend events to get free products
          • Be friendly
          • Keep conversations light-hearted
          • Be interested in the person as well as their business
          • Don't be intrusive you will, be remembered for the wrong thing
          • Remember all attendees are equally important
          • Don't make assumptions or be dismissive of others
          • Your time is valuable use it positively
          • If you can offer solutions to assist someone with a problem then do so.

                        • Many business people contend business networking is a more cost-effective method of generating new business than advertising or public relations efforts. This is because business networking involves a more personal commitment. Representatives who attend networking events on behalf of their organisation are the ambassadors for their company.

                          Collaborating professionally face-to-face has immense benefits we are sure you will agree. Networking should be relaxed,fun,interesting and informative.

                          Membership is open to all regardless of sectors or geographical area.

                          No pressure to recruit members
                          No monthly membership fees
                          No non members to certain events

                          All networking events are on a trimonthly basis.
                          One off membership fee (suspended until May 2012)
                          We can organise one2one meetings between providers and buyers
                          We can organise presentations for buyers - maximum 3 providers
                          Members are by self application or by invitation as a result of a recommendation

                          By being a part of Business Networking you will exchange business leads and referrals with fellow members as and when the situation presents itself.

                          The sessions are relaxed and informal and, take place in London locations. All sectors of business welcome.

                          In addition to general networking we do host specialised events. Example if you are a buyer seeking to buy occupational health services than you would be invited to a networking evening where you could meet providers in that area. Or you may be a buyer for a museum seeking new products.

                          A one off membership fee is in operation. Events organised for Business Networking are seperate from the remainder of the site.

                          Please complete the appropriate forms that apply to you below.

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